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Get Ready! OPERATION SERPENS Hits PS VR2 on February 23rd

19 January 2024 – VRKiwi and Ginra Tech are excited to announce that Operation Serpens, their adrenaline-pumping VR shooter game, will be launching on February 23rd on PS VR2!

Operation Serpens is a fast-paced action game inspired by the nostalgic arcade shooters and action movies of the past and refined into a modern VR experience. PS VR2 players looking to join the group of elite soldiers, whether as a solo operator or as a part of a coop team, get ready for masses of enemies, lots of bullets, and gigatons of explosions. Operation Serpens will be priced at $19.99 on launch.

Any press, streamers or other content creators interested in covering Operation Serpens can request a key through Lurkit, Press Engine or the publisher's contact person (info below). Operation Serpens is also available on Steam and Meta platforms.

About the game

Join the unit of elite soldiers and choose your preferred gun to take down the ranks of the evil Snakes Organization to the very top. Whether you prefer to tank with a riot shield, headshot Snakes from a distance, or just charge in guns blazing, justice will be served. Whether you prefer to operate as a solo operator or as a part of a coop team, just remember sometimes to dodge the vast amounts of incoming bullets in order to not fail your mission.

Play the single player campaign, zombie survival mode, and co-op maps with up to four players, each mission bringing something new into play. So enlist now, pick your mission, and let the bullet-time flashbangs roll on the floor!

Key Features
  • Single player campaign story with handcrafted levels and many beautiful environments.
  • Co-op multiplayer up to 4 players.
  • Zombie survival mode – there is only one outcome but they say the fun is in the journey.
  • Guns, grenades, drones, shields and more.
  • Unleash the bullet-time flashbangs!
About VRKiwi

VRKiwi is a VR game studio and publisher from Oulu, Finland. Their first VR game Cave Digger was released as a Steam demo in 2018, followed by new content updates and platforms.
Over the years, the publisher grew to be the largest VR game developer-publisher in Finland. Their biggest highlight so far is Cave Digger reaching 2nd place in Meta's most-sold games monthly list just behind the legendary Beat Saber.
Inspired by the newest gaming tech and games as the art form of entertainment, that so many around the world enjoy, VRKiwi continue to create new games and also help other devs publish their beloved games!

About Ginra Tech

Ginra Tech is an innovative game studio, passionate about creating engaging content for VR, consoles, and PC platforms.
Our latest game, OPERATION SERPENS, is a retro arcade shooter that captures the electrifying essence of 1980s action films.
This game presents an exhilarating blend of nostalgia and modern gameplay, appealing to a wide range of gamers.
We are dedicated to the continuous exploration of new ideas for our upcoming projects and committed to enhancing our existing games, ensuring each experience is filled with fun and excitement.

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