Early Mobile Creations

Izzy Dizzy - Memory Game

Join Izzy the turtle in a captivating memory challenge! Dive into this addictive game and give your memory skills a workout. It's not just fun – it's a brain-boosting journey! Are you ready to test your memory and have a blast with Izzy?

YEAR: 2016
Three Chicks and Friends

Embark on a thrilling adventure with the 3 adorable chicks in their quest for fruits! Navigate through an exciting world filled with challenges – dodge bombs, outsmart swarms of bats, and overcome various dangers. It's a delightful yet daring journey to gather all the necessary fruits. Are you ready for this fun-filled escapade?

YEAR: 2015
Operation Deimos

Are you ready to be a hero in the battle against terror? Step into the heart of action with Operation Deimos and stand tall in defense of freedom. Your mission: safeguard the nation and thwart the forces of evil. Enlist now and be the guardian your country needs!

YEAR: 2014

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